Rules for sending communications

  • To participate in this congress as a speaker or presenter it is necessary to send a proposal to the following e-mail: cideal.liter21@gmail.com

  • The proposed paper shall have the following characteristics:

    • Provisional title of the proposal.

    • Abstract (between 300 and 400 words).

    • Structure: Brief introduction, objectives and methodology.

    • 3-5 keywords.

    • The inclusion of a previous bibliographical reference will be an asset.

  • Once your proposal has been accepted, you will be notified by e-mail. You will be able to register for the congress from that moment onwards.


  • The deadline for authors to submit their paper for further publication is 31st October 2022.

  • Publication of the Book of Proceedings by the USC through the Institute of Educational Sciences (ICE) in the collection Cadernos do Mediador.

  • A selection will be made of the most relevant papers, which will be proposed for publication in the following journals: Ensayos: Revista de la Facultad de Educación de Albacete, Pulso. Revista de educación and Elos: Revista de Literatura Infantil e Xuvenil. Ultimately, the final decision to publish articles in these journals rests with the editorial teams of the journals.

  • The papers will be published in the course of 2023.

Editorial standards

  • A mandatory style template is available in Word format for you to use to edit the text. It is recommended to replace the example texts with those of the communication, respecting and using the proposed styles. This will facilitate all subsequent layout work by the organisation.

  • The recommended length for papers is 7,500 words maximum.

  • The paper will be structured as follows: “Introduction”, “Body of the paper”, “Conclusions”, “Bibliographical references”, and “Additional numbered notes”.

  • The text shall include an abstract and keywords.

  • Contributions can be written in Spanish, Galician, and English.

  • The title of the final text may not be modified with respect to the title of the defended paper. Under no circumstances may the contents or the object of the research be modified.

  • The maximum file size that can be uploaded to the platform is 10 Mb. If the document is larger, the resolution of the images must be checked (100 dpi is sufficient for a digital edition).

  • All contributions will be sent to the following email address: cideal.liter21@gmail.com