How to get there

From the airport

The distance from Lavacolla airport to Plaza de Galicia is 15 km:

  • By bus: The ticket price is 3 euros per trip (5 euros if you buy a return trip), with frequencies every half hour. The timetable Airport-Santiago is from 07:00 to 01:00. The Santiago-Airport timetable runs from 06:00 to 00:00: Santiago (Plaza de Galicia), Santiago (Rúa da Rosa, 8), Santiago (Railway Station), Santiago (Bus Station), Santiago (San Lázaro Chapel), Santiago (Pazo de Congresos), San Marcos, Rotonda CRTVG, Xan Xordo, Lavacolla, Hotel Garcas, Cruce Mourentán, Casa Lorenzo, Lavacolla Airport (Terminal Building). To get to the congress venue you must get to the last stop (Plaza de Galicia). From there it is about 15 minutes’ walk to Campus Vida.

  • By taxi: There is a fixed rate for taxi transfers between Santiago and the airport of 21€. The taxi has access to the main building.

From the train and bus station (Intermodal)

Distance of 3 km from the train station to the congress venue that can be done:

  • Walking: Take the stairs from the station. Take the street just opposite (Rúa do Hórreo) until you reach the Plaza de Galicia. From there you must go to Campus Vida.

  • By taxi: Depending on the time of day, it can vary between 4-7 € approx. The taxi can leave you at the door of the congress venue.